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What dose an IP Camera System include?

Date:2017-07-25 Hits:1836
What dose an IP Camera System include?

If you're thinking of switching from analog to IP video, or are investing in a video surveillance system for the first time, it's important to know what equipment you'll need to deploy your new IP cameras. IP video provides a scalable solution for your long-term security needs so you can expand upon the number of security cameras in the future. offers pre-configured IP security camera systems with everything you need to get started. We can also customize an IP camera system for you if you have special requirements. Our IP security camera systems are assembled to include the IP cameras you need, a network video recorder, and the necessary power supplies to get your system up and running.

Power-over-Ethernet, which is ever-present in the IP camera era, allows you to power your cameras with a single Ethernet cord. This, in turn, simplifies the installation process and makes it easier to install your cameras in more remote locations.

Our video surveillance systems include a network video recorder to view, record, and manage your IP cameras. Most NVRs today feature free mobile surveillance apps to give you instant access to your cameras when you're not onsite. With a secure internet connection, you'll be able to tap into your IP camera system from virtually anywhere. For existing CCTV systems, you'll need a video encoder to convert your system over to IP (digital) video.

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