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How to choose a good wireless bridge for wireless environment monitoring

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1141
How to choose a good wireless bridge for wireless environment monitoring
* CPU wireless bridge with high frequency, large memory
CPU high frequency, large memory indicates that the device has higher performance. High frequency CPU represents higher processing speed and greater data throughput; high memory allows wireless bridge carrying more devices connected through CPU times; the highest frequency 720MHz, memory up to 128MB
* select dual polarization and wireless bridge support AC protocol
In the wireless transmission process, dual polarization device bandwidth to 1 times higher than the single polarization bandwidth of the device, so that the double polarization equipment of higher bandwidth, high bandwidth can make data transmission more quickly, make multiple high bandwidth video transmission more smoothly; the highest bandwidth 802.11n protocol for 300Mbps 802.11ac protocol, the bandwidth of up to 866Mbps. Through multiple wireless bridge supports dual polarization and the new 802.11ac protocol, can meet the demand of wireless application
* select the stable operation of the wireless bridge
Long power, stable operation, can ensure that the wireless link bridge unobstructed, unstable operation will become the wireless link problems, leading to greater losses; many times through bridge internal watchdog, to prevent crashes, super stable, continuous and stable operation of equipment for many years