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Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1168
What is the
The concept of the original access control system has long been in our lives. For example: we have installed the door lock and every family, the men of his own house with the key back to the family, no need to shout into the door, directly open the door with a key. Outside the visitors, the people in the house heard a knock at the door, know someone visiting, asked: "who?" outside man replied: "I was * * *!" the people inside through sound and past experience to judge should not open the door. This is an original concept of access control. The Great Wall is the largest ancient China original access control system.
Along with the society of electronic intelligence deeply, we now see different access control system based on the input device and method of medium can be divided into: password access control system, card access control system, biometric access control system.
Password access control system: the input password, the system will judge the correct password lock drive, open the door. Advantages: just remember passwords, no need to carry other media. Lowest cost. Disadvantages: slow speed, enter the password generally need a few seconds, if too many people out of the queue. If the input error, need to re-enter, take longer. Security is poor, next to someone else easily by hand to remember the password, the password is easy to forget or leak. Trend: password access to the use of fewer and fewer occasions, only in the low security requirements, low cost, the use is not frequent occasions still in use. For example: safe.