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Monitoring the installation of the five main points

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1173
Monitoring the installation of the five main points
The big era into a high-tech era, monitoring technology representative to make life and work more safe, now all public places have installed monitoring, the monitoring for the family need to install it? Let's take a look:
A: monitoring the project decided to install the existing computer monitoring card, or hard disk recorder to monitor the host
The use of computer monitoring card, the overall investment is relatively low, suitable for familiar with the installation of computers, there are professionals on duty, more functional requirements of the site. The disadvantage is that the computer needs 24 hours to boot, large power consumption, the loss of powerful computer components; the use of embedded hard disk video recorder does not require professional knowledge, do not need to watch, the operation is very simple.
Two: determine the need for a few cameras, and to determine the surveillance range and image quality of each camera
First determine the monitoring camera number, and then determine the monitoring range of the camera lens according to the specific situation: must to monitor the distance and area, the need to monitor the camera as clear clarity, of course, is more clear and better.