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Home camera mounting method

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1190
Home camera mounting method
The first step: take the stand, ready tools and parts: up plug, screw, screwdriver, hammer, electric drill and other necessary tools; according to the installation location determined beforehand, check up the plugs and tapping
The size of the screw model, and then try to support the screws and the camera base of the screw is appropriate, buried pipeline interface is handled well, whether the test cable Shen, ready to enter the installation process
The second step: take out the camera, in accordance with the camera lens model and specifications to determine in advance, carefully installed on the lens (infrared camera does not need to install the lens), pay attention not to use
Touch the lens and CCD, confirm the fixed firmly, turn on the power supply, connect the host or the use of the monitor to adjust the aperture focal length
The third step: take up bracket, plug, screw, screwdrivers, hammers, drills and other tools, according to a predetermined position, installed bracket, check after the firm, the camera is in accordance with the agreed