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Surveillance cameras to buy four matters needing attention

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1099
Surveillance cameras to buy four matters needing attention
Analog equipment and network equipment
In fact, this is a good solution to the problem, the family generally does not exist this problem, because the current market in the sale of home monitoring equipment are network cameras. The application of commercial projects should be equipped with specific projects, without uniform.
The important section of an important project, must choose the network monitoring equipment, such as bayonet monitoring, financial industry, and some not essential monitoring corner by simulated monitoring equipment, which can meet the demand of users can also maximize the realization of interests.
focal length
Select the focal point of the actual monitoring device is to choose the monitoring perspective, the length of the focal length of the impact angle. Of course, the market now has a zoom lens monitoring equipment, the user can choose according to the needs, because the price of the zoom lens device to be relatively high, so the purchase of products or to consider their own price.
If the monitoring site relatively empty, such as corridor, corridor and so on, users need to monitor equipment focal length is larger, the specific data to choose according to the actual monitoring distance, if the monitoring region is relatively small, such as monitoring the elevator environment, you need to choose the small focal lens is a wide-angle lens.
Low illumination
The advent of the night, heralded the end of the day, all kinds of things in the night to recuperate, but night is criminals of natural cover, many crimes are carried out in the night. According to international statistics, more than 90% of the cases occurred at night, so we say that night monitoring is more important than daytime monitoring. All of these factors have led to the birth of the low illumination camera.