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Commercial, high-definition network camera

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1057
Commercial, high-definition network camera
If you monitor the camera to monitor the scope of the distinction, then the market can be divided into two types of surveillance cameras: an effective monitoring range of 0-30 meters; an effective monitoring range of 0-10 meters.
Effective monitoring scope of surveillance cameras in 0-30 meter is mainly used for commercial (such as schools, factories, stations and other public places), because the scope in these public places need to monitor large, usually require multiple surveillance cameras installed to perform monitoring tasks, thus improving the effective monitoring scope of surveillance cameras can significantly reduce the number of surveillance cameras. In order to save the cost.
Effective monitoring range of 0-10 meters in the surveillance camera is suitable for families, the average family living room length and width is generally not more than 10 meters, this type of camera we usually call a home surveillance camera.