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Indoor installation monitoring camera notes

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1150
Indoor installation monitoring camera notes

Monitoring camera installation room, wiring not only requires safe and reliable, but also to make the line layout reasonable, neat, strong installation. Technical requirements are as follows:

The lead wire of the camera shall be rated voltage greater than the working voltage of the line, and the insulation of the wire shall be in line with the installation method and the environmental conditions of the line. The cross-sectional area of the conductor shall meet the requirements of power supply and mechanical strength.
Wire should be avoided when camera wiring. Not unless joint, the camera connector must be using line or welding wires, and the branch should not be mechanical force. The wires in the pipe shall not be connected in any case, as far as possible, the connector should be placed on the junction box probe terminal.
Camera wiring shall be installed horizontally or vertically in the building. The wiring should be added casing protection (plastic or iron pipes, selection according to technical requirements of indoor plumbing), ceiling wire available metal hose, but need to be securely fixed in appearance.
The camera alarm control box to the ceiling of the line requirements and the management of the wall into the wall or with iron pipes to protect, in order to improve the anti theft system performance.
The camera signal line can not be parallel with the high-power power line, but can not be worn in the same tube. As a result of environmental constraints, parallel to the line, it is necessary to stay away from more than 50cm.