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How to judge the video monitoring fault

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1200
How to judge the video monitoring fault

Firstly, detect whether the interface of video card or hard disk recorder is loose and the power supply is normal. If everything is normal, it is necessary to detect the power supply of the camera and the camera.

No video surveillance cameras, camera power supply first check whether there is a problem, use a multimeter to detect the output voltage of 12V is normal, if normal, to continue the investigation of other fault points, if not normal, replace the 12V power to do detection.
The investigation of camera power problems, then check whether the camera fault, can be used directly to detect whether the camera is a treasure project image, if no image, that camera fault, if the image is normal, is that the camera is normal, then testing the transmission line.
In the absence of the project treasure case, the camera installed down to the monitor end, with normal power supply test and video camera and rear line connecting devices, such as camera image is normal, that transmission line problems, such as no camera video signal, that camera failure, need to replace the camera again test.