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Home video surveillance cameras difficult?

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1249
Home video surveillance cameras difficult?

Monitor camera installation:

1 selected to install the camera position, the need according to the scene and the choice of things, others can not help you, come up with camera support, ready tools and parts: up plug, screw, screwdriver, hammer, electric drill and other necessary tools; according to predetermined installation position, check up plugs and tapping the size of the screw type, a bracket screws and camera base screw is appropriate, pipeline interfaces embedded is dealt with, the test cable is smooth, ready to enter setup. In order to meet the requirements of the field of view of the scope of the monitoring target, the installation height: indoor ground should not be less than 2.5m; outdoor ground should not be less than 3.5m.
2 surveillance cameras installed, according to predetermined camera lens types and specifications, carefully mount the lens (integrated infrared camera does not need to install the camera), be careful not to touch the lens and CCD by hand (labeling map), confirm the fixation after the power is switched on, or connected host field use monitor, small TV etc. adjust the aperture and focal length.
3 fixed cameras and took up bracket, plug, screw, screwdrivers, hammers, drills and other tools, according to predetermined position, install bracket. Check the firm, the camera installed in accordance with the agreed direction;
4 camera shield installation, if you need to install the shield, in the second step, directly to the installation cover from here. 1, open the protective cover and the baffle; 2, out of a fixed metal sheet, the camera is fixed; 3, the power adapter into the inside of the shield; 4, the reduction of the cover and the baffle, straighten out the cable, fixed, mounted to the bracket.
5 install the BNC head or head of the camera, put the soldered video cable BNC plug into the socket of the video cable. The surveillance camera and its supporting device, such as lens, protective cover, wiper bracket, etc., should be firmly installed, the operation should be flexible, should pay attention to prevent damage, and to coordinate with the surrounding environment.
6 connect the power supply socket, power output plug the power adapter into the camera, and confirm the firmness. In the environment of strong electromagnetic interference, the installation of monitoring camera should be insulated from the ground.
7 connect the video host, the other end of the cable into the control host or monitor (TV), to ensure that the firm.
8 adjust the camera to the best position, turn on the monitor and camera power, adjust the camera angle to the predetermined range through the monitor. In addition, the monitoring camera control, display, record and other terminal equipment installation should be smooth, easy to operate. One monitor (screen) should avoid direct light, when unavoidable, should take measures to avoid light. In the console, cabinet (frame) installation of the equipment should have ventilation cooling measures, internal connectors and equipment should be firmly connected *.