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Technical features of security video quality diagnostic system

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1139
Technical features of security video quality diagnostic system

The video quality diagnosis system uses the method of video image analysis to detect the common faults in the video surveillance system. From the common type of camera failure, the impact of video surveillance system video quality factors are many, mainly summarized the following points:

The improper setting of the camera or the failure of the device, including the resolution of the camera, the camera's sensitivity to light, lens focus adjustment, color correction, etc.;
- large scale monitoring network video signal through long cable transmission, multi matrix switching and multistage network forwarding, power supply, controller and other interfering signals may produce strong interference on the video signal, changes of aging, joint loosening environment may lead to video noise;
A large number of use of PTZ ball machine, the long-term movement zoom may make some of the ball machine direction error, uncontrollable failure.
In view of all sorts of fault video mentioned above, can be divided into fault type video signal, video resolution, lack of abnormal video brightness anomalies, video noise, video, video, picture color snow freezing, 8 kinds of PTZ motion control. The video signal loss, picture freezing two fault can be manual design method of video image matching based on PTZ motion control is concluded; exercise instructions issued by the fault detection system, and then through the motion analysis of the video image to detect whether the fault; and for 5 kinds of failure, it is difficult to approach the rules set manually to detect method, which requires the adoption of machine learning, let the machine to simulate human visual response, whether there is fault detection in video.