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What are the faults and solutions of the camera

Date:2017-01-12 Hits:1308
What are the faults and solutions of the camera


When the network camera is installed, your search can not find the network camera IP. On this issue, first of all, you need to confirm if your cable and power is installed correctly. If the confirmation after camera or unable to locate the IP, then make sure you look at the network, the network camera network is not very and your computer network is not the same, if not the same, you need to choose the network camera network into your computer and network are the same.
Your computer will be able to find the IP of the network camera.

The possible problem is why the network camera connected after the network can watch, but the network is unable to watch? On this issue, there are two factors. The first is not to do port mapping, because each camera is to transmit the signal out of the monitor to achieve the. If we do not do port mapping, the signal sent out, so the signal will be only in the network inside, so the network cannot receive signals, makes the network monitor cannot real-time monitoring the situation. A domain name is your computer, see if login up, in general, external access address and domain name is directly linked to the network camera, network camera external access address is IP plus end slogan for your computer, or your domain name information plus end slogan.